Klaus Burger, tubist, trombonist, cimbasso, didgeridoo Klaus Burger, tubist, trombonist, cimbasso, didgeridoo
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/ compositions

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film music - more theater music

mp3 Hörbeispiel canal du midi (mp3)


radio plays - more concerts

mp3 Hörbeispiel Ophelias Schattentheater (mp3)

mp3 Hörbeispiel Stuttgarter Grottette (mp3)

mp3 Hörbeispiel Durban Poison IV (mp3)
with Matthias Schneider-Hollek


"la prune"
with Gregor Hübner and Matthias Schneider-Hollek

mp3 Hörbeispiel la prune 1 (mp3)
mp3 Hörbeispiel la prune 2 (mp3)
mp3 Hörbeispiel la prune 3 (mp3)


/ compositions/theater music

. Gedanken zu einem Schlachtfeld
Reading (Ernst Konarek) with music / theatrical-political debate TROIA for tuba, cimbasso, trumpet, bottles, and water phone / Stuttgart 2001

. Väter Söhne Geister
By Markus Braun / Director: Frederike Fehlbeck / Theater Bielefeld 2001

. Aus dem Tagebuch eines Trinkers
By Eugen Egner / Director: Eberhard Klasse / Bamberg, Baden-Baden 1999/2000, SWR 2000

. Alice hinter den Spiegeln
By Lewis Carroll / Director: Oliver Held / Theater Basel 1997

. Sauriersterben
By John von Düffel / Director: Andreas von Studnitz / Theater Basel 1997

. Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream
Director: Nikolaus Sykosch / Staatstheater Mannheim 1996

. eskalation ordinär
By Werner Schwab / Director: Karin Beier / Staatstheater Hamburg 1992

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/ compositions/concert works

. TROIA - Traum und Wirklichkeit
Reading with new music / together with Ernst Konarek / Stuttgart 2001

. Durban Poison IV
Together with Matthias Schneider-Hollek / Greifswald 2001

. Quasi finito
For cimbasso & tuba with tape / Baden-Baden 1998, Erfurt 1999, Munich 2000 / SWR 2000

. Stuttgarter Grottette
For tuba, cimbasso, live electronics. Musik der Jahrhunderte, together with Digital Masters / Stuttgart 2000

. ENGEL. Hinter den Spiegeln, jenseits der Worte
Oratorio for contralto, four brass, live electronics, and speaker / Bamberg 2000

. 6 Minuten für Georg
Solo tuba / Baden-Baden 1998

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Klaus Burger, tubist, trombonist, cimbasso, didgeridoo


My experiences in collaboration with the radio play composer Peter Zwetkoff play a large rôle in my word-sound works.

Barbara Brecht-Schall:
" ...I hereby give you (non-exclusive) rights to set to music poems by
Berthold Brecht..."

I am especially proud of my participation in the production of "The Lord of the Rings", which was the largest series of radio plays yet staged in Germany.

" Lothar"
CD recommendation of the month, April 2000 (SWR)


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